Citizen Tax Inspectors

This is a short film on the Uncuts protest on the 18th December 2010 in Manchester. The film focuses on the actions of the UK Uncuts group (the protesters) and the role of media, the police and the general public. It shows how protests become more and more some kind of media spectacle. Furthermore it questions the police’s evidence gathering methods, as they weren´t able to provide information on what the material is being used for, nor how it is being used.

The UK Uncuts group was protesting nationwide on that day, trying to shut down certain shops or at least infer with their business. They argue that in a time of cuts on the general public, big companies such as Topshop, Vodafone and BHS shouldn´t be allowed to dodge tax or avoid paying tax by using loopholes and thus increasing the amount of cuts a normal citizen has to face as the companies’ tax money is lacking in the government’s funds. The group targeted about 6 shops that day, moving from one to the other and voicing their disapproval outside the shops’ doors.

UK Uncuts – The Big Society Tax and Revenue Customs is a mostly spontaneously organised group trying to raise people´s awareness of big companies’ tax evasion, especially those belonging to Philip Green´s Arcadia Group.

See for more information about the group.


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