Thanks to everyone who made it down to see our film premiere of Helpyourself Manchester last night at the Klondyke club. We got over 100 people (Les ran out of beer glasses!) and were astounded by the levels of support and the atmosphere in the room. You all really truly reassured us that DIY culture is alive and well, not as a ‘style’, but as a functioning anti corporate way of thinking and organising.
All the people who bought dvd’s, donated some money, got us a beer, – we thank you!

— We didn’t take many photos, but here are a few.
Dave playing guitar:

Us introducing the film:

Watching the film:

We want to also thank DBH and Dave Birchall for playing, they made the night extra special and we are glad to know such talented musicians, willing to promote DIY and ensure it stays alive.

If you have any photo’s of the night please send them to us, and if you want to use the Klondyke for anything just go down and ask, they really are very friendly.

The film will be screened in a few other places in the UK and abroad, which we’ll announce on here. and then in 2013 it will be available to watch for free online!

The DVD is also available, we’ll put it on here shortly. its got extras, a lovely cover, and the money helps us to carry on making films in the future and pays for production costs (tapes, dvd’s, cases… etc)

Thanks again!


( P.s A lovely review of the evening can be read here by Pocket trumpet blog: )


Thanks to everyone who attended the fundraiser or Donated to our cause, your support is very, very much appreciated.

The night was a success with a good combination of soothing, disturbing, and space party music; alongside animations, scary films about mad priests and photo essays.

CBiS Fundraiser from Huw Wahl on Vimeo.

This is the flyer for our upcoming fundraiser, on the 8th of July at St. Margaret´s Church in Whalley Range (M16 8AE).

We are going to have some exciting performances from:

Paddy Steer – Music to video    and

The Open Eye Ensemble  (who will provide a soundtrack to the film “Saturnus” by Ludo Mich):

Simon Connor and Chris Briden (subtly looping guitar parts and pure, reedy vocal lines into a tapestry of pealing melody):

We will also be showing some of our recent work in between the bands. We are hoping to raise a bit of money towards a camera which we would like to buy for the collective.
Food and booze will be on site.

If you can’t make it on the night but still want to support us, why not donate here:

And here is how you find us on the night: