Paddy Baxter

Researcher and documentary film maker. I am currently conducting practice-led research into vacant housing and commercial developments ( what i refer to as ‘ghost developments’) in the Republic of Ireland at the Art & Design research Faculty MIRIAD at Manchester School of Art . I am heavily influenced by the work of documentary film makers Adam Curtis, Chris Marker, Grant Gee and Patrick Keiller, and by the writings of WG Sebald.


Yasmin Samir-Shakir

I am an Edinburgh-based visual anthropologist and documentary filmmaker whose methods are heavily influenced by the principles of ‘observational cinema’. I also enjoy the sense of liberation and discovery that comes with using audio-visual media as tools for ethnographic exploration as well as for the presentation of any final ‘documentary’ product. My areas of interest include, but are not limited to, gender identity, personal and societal notions of ‘sickness’ and ‘wellbeing’, labour and migration, grassroots movements for social change and urban ‘D.I.Y. (sub)culture.

Huw Wahl


I use film, photography and sound to make artwork.


Simon Connor

si cbis profile b&w 2

I am a musician, composer and sound designer. I am interested in exploring the links between sound and image, and the possibilities that lie in manipulating and distorting those links. I primarily like to work with acoustic instruments and found sound, which I then sample and process digitally.


Insa Langhorst

vom winde verweht_bw

I am a filmmaker and visual anthropologist. In my work I explore the connections and distinctions of the literal and the visual, trying to grasp what happens in the space in between, our imagination.


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  1. Alexx Wilson said:

    i have just watched the photo and audio documentation of the conservtave party demo. its such a good overview of a day of protest.

    i have looked through some of the other works and fount your work provided a difrent look at some very chalanging issues.

    keep me posted on any forth coming work.

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