Monthly Archives: September 2012

A House Called Liberty is a documentary film by ‘Castles Built in Sand’ made in collaboration with the staff and residents of Liberty House, Crumpsall Manchester (part of the Adullum Group of charities), an assisted living temporary care home for young people in risk of homelessness.

The documentary was filmed and edited over the latter course of 2011. Not only was the film an attempt at collaboration with an outside institution, but it was furthermore an experiment in that all the then members of CBiS participated at all levels of the production stage of the film- to varying degrees of success. During the production itself we faced numerous difficulties and setbacks. A House Called Liberty proved a valuable lesson in the potential limits of collaborative film and a dramatic learning curve on how to work together as a collective.

Although the final film is not exactly how we all initially envisioned it, it is an honest representation of Liberty House and we would like to thank the residents and staff for their patience and participation; we would especially like to thank Janelle for putting so much of her time into the facilitation of this project. This film will feature heavily in a future discussion on collaborative film, but for now any comments on the finished piece are warmly welcomed.

A House Called Liberty from castlesbuiltinsand on Vimeo.